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The portrait of Marion Fiorentino, project manager of Lemateki or how to get involved in Social Business ?

Marion is a project manager for Lemateki, a social business project, launched in Dakar, Senegal, by Danone. Communities and its partners. This project aims at giving a sustainable  access to a nutritional product fortified cereal-based local for disadvantaged children.


Marion joined the project Lemateki in September 2009 to conduct a nutritional survey of children in the suburbs of Dakar. During one year, Marion has been employed by the GRET and managed by IRD (Institut de recherche pour le Développement) to determine the nutritional status of the population. She has set foot in school on the outskirts of Dakar, organized the blood samples, measured and weighed 600 children, managed a large team of 20 investigators at home and various agents, participated in data analysis and scientific publication.


After this busy year of meetings and discoveries, Marion starts a VIE experience (Volunteer for International Experience) with danone.communities, still on the Lemateki project. Then, her mission is to implement the project on marketing issues and nutrition education and hygiene questions.



Employed on the project until April 2012, Marion now divides her time between on the one hand, preparing the event of the launching in stores of the Moss Tekki, in October, with local artists and people of the communities, and on the other hand, preparing and designing workshops and teaching materials, for teaching nutrition and hygiene in schools, with many education and nutrition experts.

Why this career choice? Interested in the problems of the development of the South countries, since her graduation in food engineering at AgroParis Tech and SupAgro, Marion can express her expert skills and can make a real scientific work (epidemiological study) on the one hand, and to work effectively in the marketing of other products in line with her career and her previous convictions, on the other hand. Indeed, the "hybrid model" of the project seems to be an innovative idea to sustain children's access to a better nutrition while promoting local ingredients.


Finally, according to her, this experience, this experience allowed her to complete her technical expertise, on which she thought it had to grow. Thanks to these lessons learned directly in the field, Marion is now planning a career in nutrition or development.

By April 2012, the next steps for Marion are:

-          to launch the product in stores, in order to make profitable the business ;  

-          to assess of the demand from schools,

-          to work on the legal constitution of the business

-          and to implement the training materials and assess of the impact of this section ...


So many caps that a project manager of a social business must be able to wear to ward off all the hazards generated.


"Early fan" of social business and danone.communities (she attended the General Community Meeting of 2009 at the Casino de Paris!), Marion would like to share this thought :


"I believe in social business as a model for the future to support the development and empowerment of poor countries through the development of their agricultural resources and local human and technology transfer"




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