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danone.communities : How does it work ?

danone.communities provides assistance built on financial support and expertise.

Financial support comes from a socially responsible investment fund that dedicates part of its assets to social businesses.

Expertise is provided by seven staff members in Paris and field coordinators. In keeping with the nature of the challenges facing the sector, they practice teamwork, stay in contact with our entrepreneurs in the field, and constantly monitor best practices worldwide.


Together they ensure that all ten of our social businesses can tap into world-class expertise in R&D, finance, law, marketing, social innovation, leadership skills and business organization.
At danone.communities, we know that the key to success lies in co-creation with a worldwide community of experts, committed young people, universities, banks and NGOs—including CARE, the Red Cross, Gain, Gret, and Enda Graff.

The Board of Directors danone.communities

The Board of Directors danone.communities is composed of 12 members: personalities and pioneers in the development actors. History, personal commitment or professional background of those who motivate their involvement and contribution to the project danone.communities. Their knowledge or interest in the problems of developing countries, their experience with communities and their diverse geographical origins make this collaboration a real force for the project. All are convinced that there is now a real place in the economy to the "social business". 

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Two experts commitees to assess projects

Investment projects are initiated and processed by the "Social Innovation Commitee" (SIC). The SIC is hosted by Danone and composed of Danone representatives and independants who have an expertise within socially responsible investments and emerging countries.


This commitee explore, analyse and select social projects which are then presented to the Orientation Commitee, mainly composed of independants personnalities.  

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The wikiradio of danone.communities

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