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1001 Fontaines

« 1001 fontaines » est une association qui finance l’installation de stations de production d’eau saine, distribuée ensuite en bouteille auprès des populations isolées au Cambodge. Cette initiative, à laquelle s’est associée danone.communities en 2008 répond à un besoin pressant puisque, dans le monde, plus de 800 millions de personnes en milieu rural n’ont pas accès à l’eau potable.

The project's history

Améliorer la santé des populations rurales du Cambodge L’aventure « 1001 fontaines » part d’un constat: en ville, les habitants ont accès à un réseau d’eau potable, mais: « Ici, dans ces petits villages, il y a de très fortes chances que les habitants ne voient jamais arriver le bout des canalisations, ou alors dans des décennies », explique François Jaquenoud, co-fondateur de 1001 fontaines. Dans les campagnes, la seule ...

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The Logbook

1001 Fontaines by GUST project

anonymous user

on the Monday, 23 July, 2012 - 10:05

GUST is a project created and led by students to meet and help social entrepreneurs in Asia and France.


With a very specific process, the founders of the projects aim at meeting entrepreneurs and helping them in their daily challenges :


Gust has met 1001 Fontaines Project and has created this very really interesting video.



1001 Fontaines : a story told by Water Ribbon, an initiative towards Water World Forum

anonymous user

on the Tuesday, 17 April, 2012 - 09:14

Water Ribbon is an initiative that aims at collecting stories, testimonies, messages, dreams for water from all over the world.


Last week, 1001 Fontaines was the story told by one of the contributors of the blog.


Francois is someone that reminds us each time that he is invited to a conference, that we contract 80% of our own diseases through water. With Chay Lo, he created an association in Cambodia to allot two lieters of purified water per day, per capita to isolated rural areas. The action taken by 1001 Fountains is often discussed notably at conferences around the world about the processing of water. The solution of 1001 Fountains is a good investment, and much cheaper in expense, but results in different way to connect with the isolated zones on water.


To provide drinking water for a village, it costs around 15,000 euros. 70% of this is also for the machines and materials… There are 2,000 processing units and cylinders needed for each family. We reach 3,000 to 4,000 people with such a facility and when it is thought about, it’s not that exspensive to provide drinking water in a safe manner and improving the health of the people… In an orphanage for example, we went from 13 to 15 cases of typhoid fever per year, to an astounding 0 cases.[...]


To read full article, please, go to Water Ribbon.

Scale-up and social business : a roundtable with Lo Chai at Accenture

anonymous user

on the Wednesday, 7 December, 2011 - 10:29

Mid-November, Lo Chai, the entrepreneur of  1001 Fontaines, was in France. On this occasion, a roundtable was organized by Accenture and danone.communities, about : "From a local solution to a global impact: how to change the scale of a model of social entrepreneurship? ".


The round table brought together several persons involved in using their specialty for social business:
• Anne-Claire Pache, Professor Chair in Philanthropy at ESSEC
• Emmanuel Faber, Vice President of Danone
• Christian NIBOUREL, CEO of Accenture France
• Martin Hirsch, President of the Agence du Service civique



To read an account of this meeting, please visit the online press clipping.


Here are two studies, conducted mainly by Anne-Claire Pache about the change of scale. Although a bit dated (2006 and 2007), these studies give a synthetic view of this issue, in particular the essential step that is the change of scale, different from replication.


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1001 Fontaines

1001 Fontaines

11 villages au Cambodge en 2005, aujourd'hui 180 000 bénéficiaires quotidiens dans 3 pays: le Cambodge, l'Inde et le Madagascar.
Créée en 2005, l’association 1001 Fontaines a pour objectif de fournir de l’eau saine à bas coût à des communautés isolées du Cambodge, en leur permettant de produire localement une eau de boisson saine.

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