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Planète d’Entrepreneurs, visiting Bangladesh, published an article on Grameen Danone

Carnet de bord : Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.

Planète d’Entrepreneurs, visiting Bangladesh, published an article on Grameen Danone

Matthieu Dardaillon (sur Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.)

le Lundi, 20 Février, 2012 - 11:42

Visiting Bangladesh in January 2012, Planète d’Entrepreneurs visited the facilities of Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. and summarized the activities of the social business in this publication. The article summarizes in a synthetic way the meeting between Yunus and Franck Riboud in 2005, the birth of the social business in 2006, the results so far and the challenges for tomorrow.


The association Planète d’Entrepreneurs was established in March 2009 to help social entrepreneurs develop operational tools to assess their social impact. The goal of the association is to participate in the emergence of new indicators to measure performance in order to improve and demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative economic and social models to the general public, and especially students. The association therefore seeks to democratize impact measurement tools, because they are crucial to the development and recognition of social entrepreneurship.

After a first edition in 2010-2011, the second team of Planète d’Entrepreneurs is currently in the field. Marguerite, Lucile, Jean et Romain, all students at HEC or ESSEC Business Schools, had the opportunity to meet Corinne in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 18 November 2011 and speak about the advancements of Grameen Danone.


Having realized studies about the Last Mile Delivery and missions of social impact measurement in Mongolia, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, the four "social backpackers" are currently in Argentina, and you can follow their new missions and newsletters on their website.


Good luck to you dear backpackers, I am looking forward to following your aventures and share with you your findings once you will be back in France!

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